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Sedation Dentistry

Sedated girl in dental chairIf your children need to be sedated for a surgery or procedure, know that as a parent this is a harmless step to keep your child relaxed and calm. Sedation keeps your child calm during the procedure, and often leaves them groggy but does not knock them out completely. There are several different types of sedation in dentistry, and we at Starlight Smiles Pediatric Dentistry are able to perform all of them at ease.

Different Types of Sedation

One of the most common types of sedation is using nitrous oxide. Laughing gas as most people know it, is a mild sedative that can relax your child at the beginning of the procedure. We place a mask over your child’s nose and mouth, and they breathe in oxygen mixed with the laughing gas. Your child will breathe in through their nose and will become sedated. The mask will be kept on your child until the procedure is done and then they will be exposed to pure oxygen.

Another form of sedation is Intravenous sedation. We will have an anesthesiologist perform this procedure in collaboration with our pediatric dentist. Lastly, for very young children with multiple dental needs, sometimes treatment under General Anesthesia will be necessary. We perform this procedure in our affiliated local hospitals.

Each child is unique and we tailor the treatment level accordingly. Please call us at 571-833-1440 so we can evaluate your child!
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