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Child sitting in dental chair with doctor and giving a thumbs upPreventative care is one of the most common areas of dentistry, and it’s one that you’ll be exposed to often in your life. Preventive maintenance is all about teeth cleaning, using fluoride, diagnosing your teeth, and making sure that your mouth is in tip-top condition. It also helps to identify any conditions early like cancer and gum disease. Due to it being most common care, a lot of myths have sprung up around it.

We at Starlight Smiles Pediatric Dentistry are here to set the record straight on what preventative dentistry is. Clearing up some of these myths might inspire you to set up your next appointment so we can clean your teeth as well.

Our preventive services include:

Fluoride Is Bad for Me

A myth about fluoride is that it may be bad for your oral health. That is not true. Fluoride is one of the most beneficial things about preventative dentistry, as it helps restore enamel and make your teeth healthier. It can be in your water and in your toothpaste, and it only helps your teeth and mouth health.

Also, another myth is that too much fluoride can cause problems; actively taking too much fluoride is too rare to happen naturally. It doesn’t cause any pain or damage to your teeth either.

The Trouble With Soft Teeth

Some people have it in their mind that their teeth are softer than others, and that is why they have cavities. That is false. While soft teeth can be a condition, it doesn’t run in families. However, cavities do.

Your teeth are normal, but you have probably eaten something from a family member who does have cavities. That’s why some people say soft teeth and a vulnerability to cavities runs in the family.

What Causes Cavities?

When you talk to someone about cavities and how to prevent them, their first response isn’t “I’ll brush my teeth more often,” or “I’ll floss once a day.” Instead, they almost always say, “I’ll stop eating sugar.”

Sugar can cause cavities, but not in the way people think. If you eat a lot of high carb food, those particles can stick to your teeth and eventually break down into sugar. Then all the bacteria have a huge sugar buffet to go to.

If you are a snacker, then you are also at high risk for cavities. When you are feeding yourself, you are also feeding the bacteria in your mouth. More snacks and food on your teeth doesn’t give your mouth the time to wash all the particles away with saliva, so the bacteria can multiply.

I Can Do Preventative Care On My Own

This is the last and most damaging myth of all. Just because you brush, floss, and eat right doesn’t mean you can skip the dentist. You still need to come to see us so we can do a deep clean of your teeth and examine your mouth for any problems under the surface.

Do you have more questions about myths you have heard? We can help answer your questions when you come to see us at Starlight Smiles Pediatric Dentistry or call 571-833-1440 to set up your appointment!
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