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Do Baby Teeth Matter?
Manassas, VA

A baby smiling with sippy cup in her hand after first visit to Starlight Smiles Pediatric Dentistry in Manassas, VaWhen you have your first child, one of the first things you will deal with is the growth and the loss of baby teeth. These 20 teeth that first appear in your child’s mouth might not seem too important, as they do eventually fall out to make room for an adult set of teeth. However, just because they fall out does not mean they should not be taken care of.

Starlight Smiles Pediatric Dentistry focuses on making sure your child has a healthy set of teeth, and this includes the baby ones.

The Effect of Baby Teeth

Baby teeth are there to prepare your child’s mouth for the arrival of their adult teeth, and they have several functions in the mouth. First, baby teeth are still used for chewing and eating and should be kept healthy for that purpose.

They also guide in the adult teeth and act as space savers. When a baby tooth falls out, the space it leaves behind is the space the adult tooth grows in. If the baby teeth are kept healthy, then they fall out at the right time, and the adult teeth grow in to fill the gap. However, if they fall out prematurely, then adjacent baby teeth can drift into the gap, and the adult teeth will not grow properly.

These teeth are also essential for other developmental issues with children. Having the correct amount of baby teeth aids in speech, allowing your child to say their first words at the right time.

How to Care for Baby Teeth

Now that we have discussed how important baby teeth are, there are a few things that you, as a parent, can do to care for them and make sure they are healthy. First, you should come to see one of our pediatric dentists once your baby gets its first tooth or turns one year old.

We will inspect their mouth, take x-rays, and make sure everything looks good. We’ll also give you some advice on brushing your child’s teeth. For infants, they need to have their mouth and tongue wiped with a washcloth, while young children can start brushing their teeth with a rice-sized dollop of toothpaste.

You should also teach them how to floss and care for their teeth with a healthy diet and care. By the time that they are six years old and starting to gain their adult teeth, you will have already implanted the habits of good dental care into them – habits that they will not break moving forward in life.

Care for the Baby Teeth and All Will Be Well

To prevent dental problems, do not be anxious to start early dental care. Even though baby teeth fall out, they are still an important part of your child’s oral development. If the baby teeth are well cared for, then the adult teeth will have a strong foundation to grow into.

If you need help caring for your child’s baby teeth or want us to examine your child’s first tooth, do not hesitate to come into Starlight Smiles Pediatric Dentistry by calling 571-833-0344 and setting up your child’s first appointment.
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Do not hesitate to come into Starlight Smiles Pediatric Dentistry by calling and setting up your child’s first appointment.
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